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Women owned and operated since 2021

Tara Alano

Joanne Smith

Tara Lamoureux

Creating The Square One Players


            e are Tara, Joanne and Tara - three women               who cherish theater!

Each of us has been a part of theater for years, whether through school, employment or community involvement. We found that theater was not only an enjoyable hobby for us, but also a tapped into our passion for bringing people together. Theater allowed us to build a sense of community while we worked together to enrich others by providing access to the performing arts.  

We decided after a tumultuous 2020 - the year of no actual face-to-face socialization - that we should begin the Square One Players.  We missed our friends, human interaction and all of our entertainment outlets, so we thought, "Why not begin our very own community theater group?"...and so the story of Square One began!  We are extremely grateful to Southgate of Shrewsbury for believing in our idea, our values and for believing in the three of us by offering to house our group in their beautiful facility on Julio Drive in Shrewsbury.

Our mission is to provide a venue to promote and support the performing and cultural arts in Central Massachusetts.  The goal of the Square One Players is to provide a quality and economical live theater program that is all inclusive and of course, have a little fun along the way. We strive to open opportunities to anyone who wishes to participate in the art of theater. We hope that one and all will feel welcome to participate either by viewing or taking part in our theater shows. 

Come join us and be ready to be entertained!


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